Okay, here’s a bunch of stuff I’ve bookmarked but haven’t really had time to go through: $14 Steady-Cam (check out the first sample video), a series of articles on the Nobel-winner sperm bank, sports and blogging are a great match (both from Slate), In Our Time archives (BBC Radio 4’s popular science et al show), yet another piece on the relationship of blogging and journalism, what’s the deal with ebooks anyhow?, hypertext nonfiction, Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Economic and Social Systems (This wide-ranging book is about how machines, the economy, and all large human-made inventions are becoming biological.), a review of two books about primates (from LRB), The Corpse (an online Dark Horse comic book, nay, graphic novel), The History of the DeCSS Haiku, the Skeptic Magazine and an article on ”the next Christianity” (from The Atlantic).


Okay, I can’t resist adding these three: Why nerds are unpopular, five geek social fallacies (which are both sorta insta-classics and quite American as well) and Columbine, five years later (from Salon).