For some reason I’ve been able to remember the dreams I’ve had during the last three nights. It felt like a perfect opportunity to start spewing them here.

The Swing

My cousin Jussi, some other bloke and me myself were in a swing. It wasn’t an ordinary swing but more like a cross between a ferris wheel and a roller coaster. The thing looked like a giant windmill with three blades at the ends of which were the seats. The difference between this swing (for some reason I kept thinking of it as a swing) and a roller coaster was that the seats were in a fixed position, so the only thing that kept you from falling down was the centrifugal force.

The whole thing was sort of self-propelled so that it had just enough momentum to keep revolving as long as all three seats were taken. Naturally, what happened was that I jumped off which in turn left the swing horribly imbalanced and it just started swinging back and forth but not having enough force to go round. I immediately realized what I had done and before soon both Jussi and the third man just catapulted out of the swing. For some strange reason they did not just fall out when their seat was in its upmost position but rather were thrown out of the swing when the seat reached its rightmost position and started suddenly going backwards.

Both guys landed flat on their stomachs on the green grass. I was really distressed but pretty sure they were okay.

The Oscars

A bunch of people had gathered at a church for some reason when I suddenly realized that the whole thing was in fact the Academy Awards. Something had happened to the presenters or the whole organization because there was nobody to hand out the award for best foreign film. Anyhow people had come to the conclusion that the envelope should just be opened and the name read out but still they kept procrastinating for some reason.

Most of the crowd seemed to consist of my relatives, but Aki Kaurismäki was there too. He started explaining that I should get the award. I felt really undeserving, even though I was indeed a contender for the best foreign film prize as well, so in reply I promptly started to praise his movie.

I can’t remember the outcome, though.

On The Run

Me and some other people were trying to escape from what seemed like a theatre of war. The scenery was actually a mixture of a children’s playground and backyards (this is hard to explain). Anyhow, we did a lot of sneaking and not being seen and all that but then I found myself in a huge auditorium.

Some soft of party meeting was taking place and I had to sit next to a man who talked in an irritating way and hoarded most of the bench. Actually I was one buttock in the air cos the guy was such an inconsiderate prick. He kept asking me who I’d voted for in the election and I muttered something about being abroad which didn’t really seem to satisfy him.

I finally got him to move a bit when I accidentally hit him in the stomach with my elbow.

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