It has been long debated in the pop circles whether or not musicians and other not so important people should take part in politics. Apart from being a complete nonsense question, for politics concern everyone and therefore everybody has to have an interest in it (the definition of politics in the Devil’s Dictionary is, after all, The conduct of public affairs for private advantage), it has proven time and time again that good musicians do not necessarily a great orator make.

But now I have come across a new extreme. In an interview in The Fly magazine, Electric Six actually go to great lengths to make sure they are completely apolitical. But ’Gay Bar’ is an older song that was written a couple of years before George W Bush took the oath of office, so it can’t be said that we were trying to make a relevant commentary on what is going on now in Iraq. Rarely do musicians bother to deny so vehemently that they might be doing something relevant.

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