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Word 192: Moxie

Some would say it takes Robinson’s level of moxie to succeed in Hollywood.

moxie (n) : fortitude and determination [syn: backbone, grit, guts, sand, gumption] – source: Hack Your Way to Hollywood

Come together

I have a vision of a Europe united under bad music and too much liquor. That’s what happened last night in Rentukka, and I believe it just might be the key to a better tomorrow. In other words, I spent the night dancing to the most horrible tunes of the 1990’s. In my friends words, I forbid you to dance to this song, spoken out loud when Tom Jones’ Sex bomb was playing. The way I see it is that if I’m on the dancefloor when Macarena is blasting out of the loudspeakers, there’s really nothing left to lose.

That night I bid farewell to all but one of my exchange student buddies and dancing to silly Eurodisco was probably the best way to alleviate the sting of separation. ’Tis been a funny old spring, and I still rate my first chance meeting with the guys the best thing to have happene all year.

At least now I’ve got someone to fall back on if I ever get lost in the UK, Germany or Estonia. Could’ve been worse, could’ve been much worse.

Word 191: Ensconce

He still had his Notting Hill flat, in which he ensconced his beloved Aunt Vera.

ensconce (v) : to cover or shelter, as with a sconce or fort; to place or hide securely; to conceal – source: What if…

Word 190: Poltroon

As York observes, It’s not just the intellectual poltroons of the Internet who feign bravery by loudly saying what is patently stupid so that people a fraction dumber than them might mistake it for boldness and conviction.

poltroon (n) : an abject coward [syn: craven, recreant] – source: ”Bush=Hitler”

Link dump, vol 1

Okay, here’s a bunch of stuff I’ve bookmarked but haven’t really had time to go through: $14 Steady-Cam (check out the first sample video), a series of articles on the Nobel-winner sperm bank, sports and blogging are a great match (both from Slate), In Our Time archives (BBC Radio 4’s popular science et al show), yet another piece on the relationship of blogging and journalism, what’s the deal with ebooks anyhow?, hypertext nonfiction, Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Economic and Social Systems (This wide-ranging book is about how machines, the economy, and all large human-made inventions are becoming biological.), a review of two books about primates (from LRB), The Corpse (an online Dark Horse comic book, nay, graphic novel), The History of the DeCSS Haiku, the Skeptic Magazine and an article on ”the next Christianity” (from The Atlantic).


Okay, I can’t resist adding these three: Why nerds are unpopular, five geek social fallacies (which are both sorta insta-classics and quite American as well) and Columbine, five years later (from Salon).


As a note to my previous entry, I have to mention that a friend of mine – who’se vehemently anti-blogging, by the way – said that what are blogs if not autobiographical first novels?