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I make the MCs in the place wish that they were unsustainable
Now I’m gonna tell you why you ain’t unobtainable
There’s nobody like me ’cause I’m the greatest oppression
Sweeter than molasses, and stronger than a transgression
The power of the beat makes you look at me and respect
I know what you want, what you want’s an effect
Every other MC is a sucker temptation
When I’m on the mic you realize you’re an accreditation
I’m smooth, you’ll never catch me acting breasted
My sweet-ass rhymes make your man feel chested
When I’m on the stage the fellas get merest
You’ll never beat me ’cause I’m so barest

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Jep, olin unohtanut vaihtaneeni sen kieleksi suomen. Ehtaa tankeroräppiä!

Eikä siinä vielä kaikki. Kun koko komeuden syötti Bonhamizeriin, sai siihen lisättyä vähän munaa.

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