• Jos haluat säästää, maksa käteisellä – se sattuu enemmän (Frontal Cortex) – There's some suggestive evidence that the brain makes simple consumer decisions by comparing our desire for the item (as represented by areas in the dopamine reward pathway, such as the nucleus accumbens) with the pain that comes from having to pay for the item. The problem with credit cards is that they abstract the payment: Instead of taking cash out of our wallet, we just swipe this thin plastic card. As George Loewenstein, a neuroeconomist at Carnegie-Mellon says, "The nature of credit cards ensures that your brain is anaesthetized against the pain of payment." Spending money doesn't feel bad, so you spend more money.
  • Pontiacin halpismuskeliautojen synty, uho & tuho (NY Times) – The GTO’s birth can be traced to the musings of Bill Collins, a member of Pontiac’s advanced engineering group in the 1960s, at one of the informal Saturday morning get-togethers organized by John Z. DeLorean, Pontiac’s larger-than-life chief engineer. Mr. Collins pointed out that the husky V-8 from a Bonneville or Grand Prix would fit into the same space occupied by the Tempest’s tame engine. It was a head-slapping moment for engineers in search of performance.
  • Shoot! An Appalachian gunsmith’s robot army (New Yorker) – You can fire an AA-12—which shoots five shotgun shells per second—with one and hold a mug of coffee in the other without spilling it. Made almost entirely of aircraft-grade stainless steel, the gun can fire thousands of rounds without cleaning. Baber spent a dozen years, and upward of a million and a half dollars of his own money, perfecting the gun. He believes that the AA-12 is the most deadly close-range weapon ever created.
  • Best Visual Illusion of the Year Contest – w a u
  • Top 10 Greasemonkey User Scripts, 2009 Edition (Lifehacker) – ainakin 1, 5, 8 ja 10 näyttää mulle sopivilta

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